Where Can I Get A PCP Deal?

Here at PCP Mis-Sold, we will help you to resolve any situations where you have paid too much for your Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), or where the terms and conditions of a PCP agreement have ultimately proven to be problematic. But you may be wondering how and where PCP is sold in the first place, and where you can get a genuinely good PCP deal. Here, we’ve outlined a couple of recommended destinations which should be of great assistance if you are looking for the best PCP agreement possible.

The majority of people tend to get their PCP deals from the car dealerships themselves. This makes sense because they can wrap up their PCP agreement while handling the purchase of the vehicle itself, as opposed to taking more time in trying to find a separate PCP deal elsewhere. This option (known commonly as dealer finance) can be found by contacting the manufacturer’s financial department, the dealer themselves, or through an independent dealership or a linked car supermarket. This simplifies the process to a great degree, and so long as your dealer is reputable and reliable (which we will come back to shortly), this is a very good way to find the PCP deal that is right for you.

The alternative is to use an online finance broker. These provide opportunities that may be unavailable to the brokers, and there are far more potential brokers to track down on the internet than you would find amongst the still-significant, but ultimately lower, number of physical dealerships that you could potentially contact. The most highly-recommend online finance brokers amongst drivers include Financeacar.co.uk, Carfinance247, Zuto, Carzu and Halifax Bank. There are other top-quality finance brokers that can be discovered online which will result in you getting a great PCP deal. With the above brokers you can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while they do the hard work to find you the best car finance deal.

As ever, though, you have to be mindful that you are not being ripped off when it comes to PCP. Those that we have listed above are renowned for working hard to provide the best possible PCP deals, but it is very easy to end up with a PCP agreement that is overpriced and/or unfair to you and your circumstances. This is because, when navigating for low prices or short-term plans, it is common for people to get distracted by one deal that seems too good to be true, leading them to immediately contact them and agree to a plan that, had they taken more time to research the T&C’s and the provider, would have been best avoided. So, these are the main options when it comes to getting a PCP deal, but we urge you to spend sufficient time researching the deal provider and their reputation and background in order for the agreement to be fair and affordable.

You can find out more about the best places to get a good PCP deal by contacting us today.

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