What Counts As PCP Mis-Selling

Here at PCP Mis-Sold, we are always offering top-quality guidance for situations where you feel that you may have been mis-sold PCP car finance. But how would you know for sure? In other words, what would be classified as breaching the terms and conditions of a PCP car finance plan? We will provide some pointers in today’s article.

To begin with, there is the obvious instance of a dealer charging more money than they should be, especially when the increase enters the high-three figure/four-figure range. If you can prove that you have been made to pay more money for your vehicle than its standard cost, along with evidence that the dealer has pushed the price up for no reason whatsoever other than personal financial gain, then this would be a primary example of mis-sold PCP. This would then provide you with grounds to take the matter further.

It’s possible that you will only realise you have been mis-sold PCP after the deal has been green-lit, when you find that the car comes with design flaws and general functional faults which had not been mentioned when you purchased the motor. Again, you could prove that the car you agreed to buy was not the car you have ended up with, or that its existing problems were not mentioned to you at the time that you agreed to the plan. If this were the case, then you would again be able to push this forward as a case of being mis-sold PCP.

Sometimes, though, it might not even get that far. If the dealer is struggling to make ends meet, there may be instances where the deal simply does not materialise, or at least the car that the customer had hoped to purchase is a different model to the one they have to settle on. Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t necessarily result in the price of the plan being dropped, meaning that the driver has to be happy with a comparatively substandard alternative, while still paying the cost of the much better motor. Worse still are cases where money changes hands prior to a vehicle being brought to the home of the customer, and with the car then never arriving, but with the cash never refunded. These are extreme, yet true-to-life, examples of where PCP has been mis-sold with very little consideration given to the driver by the dealer.

These are a small sample of times when you can identify whether you have been mis-sold PCP car finance. You can read more here www.pcpmissold.co.uk/news

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