Self-Driving Car Features Your Next PCP Model May Already Have

Nowadays, a lot of motorists wish to purchase a car that includes some highly-efficient self-driving features. In many cases, the driver waits until after they have bought the vehicle to go out and independently buy these add-ons. However, if you do your homework, you may learn that some models available on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance plan will already have these tools in place, some of which we will now discuss.

parking assistance cameras

Another vital feature is parking assistance. We have talked about lanes, but how about the lines for parking spaces, especially in tighter spots and at busy areas such as supermarkets and sporting venues? Some vehicles are larger than others, so if they are even an inch over the line of a parking bay, it can lead to some unwanted squeezes for the other vehicles, and this often leads to cars being scratched or bumped. To ensure you park correctly at all times, even when there are no other vehicles around, the parking assistance feature will help you to line up and back in or drive in properly and safely.

One of these is lane assistance. This is most useful for newer drivers who are still becoming accustomed to particular styles of roads, but it can still confuse experienced drivers when they travel to unfamiliar areas as to where the lane markings are. To help with this, the lane assistance features advises you on how to keep within your lanes, identifying the right times to switch when you need to move into the middle or across to the sides, and generally keeping both yourself and your fellow motorists safe.

There is also pre-collision assistance, which acts as a guard against incoming cars at all sides. This means that you will avoid colliding with a vehicle that may stop suddenly in front of you, as well as being alert should a fellow motorist come too close to your own motor. There are a plethora of other self-driving car features that vehicles will come equipped with, one of which is adaptive cruise control. In short, you should take a closer look at what tools your potential PCP model will already have, not only to save you money beyond the purchase, but also to help you decide on which car you want, because if one PCP motor has these features and one does not, you may be influenced by this information to end up picking the former.

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