Best Claims Lawyers To Handle Your Mis-sold PCP Finance

Here at PCP Mis-sold, we pride ourselves on having the very best lawyers to handle your mis-sold PCP (Personal Contract Purchase/Personal Contract Plan). Here, we will explain why our team of lawyers are of the highest calibre, and how this can lead into us helping you with any situations where you may have been mis-sold PCP.

To start with, our lawyers bring many years of experience in this field. Part of the reason why PCP is mis-sold in the first place is that shady car dealers take advantage of brand new buyers, naive customers, and those who simply want to get something over and done with to reduce any stress or hassle. In contrast, our team have dealt with so many different instances of PCP being mis-sold that they will clearly identify areas where the client has been duped, as well as identifying the more reprehensible of business practices performed by the dealers themselves. What’s more, they will spot any loopholes, explain things in a language that is easy to understand aside from industry terminology, and they have a tremendous track record of success.

Next, our lawyers aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions, both to the client and to the dealer. It can feel a bit strange to admit that you signed up for something without understanding all of the terms and conditions, but that doesn’t mean you have been at fault, because you’ve still been misled when it comes to the urgency and cost of the PCP. But our lawyers can still help you to break down exactly what went down, even if it means you feel a bit embarrassed. It’s all for good reason, though, as our lawyers can then use this information to really grill the dealers, thus increasing the likelihood of them having to pay the required compensation in the long-run.

Finally, our lawyers will accommodate clients by working around you and your circumstances. It could be your employment, it could be your finances (which may have been hampered by the mis-sold PCP), or it could be other issues that you may have, such as a possible disability. Whatever it may be, our fleet of lawyers treat everybody with the same level of respect and consideration, and if this means meeting up at different times of the day or week, or explaining things in greater detail than they normally would, then that is what they will do. Most of all, our lawyers will put you at the greatest of ease in order to gather the facts, and once they have this vital information, they will do the rest of the work which will ultimately have the final outcome that you are seeking.

These are the main reasons why our team of lawyers are the very best. For more information, contact us today 0161 509 7474 or fill out our contact form.

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